Get Fast Results With Exercise – Even If You’re Busy or Hate It

fast results with exercise

Everyone enjoys getting fast results with exercise. EVERYONE. Some people want to lose weight, others want to get toned, a flat belly, or a lifted butt. Others want more energy, while others want to do what is necessary for their body to keep in good health.

And everyone wants to get there, as soon as possible.

And who can blame them? I also don’t like wasting time. I want to fulfill my desires as soon as I can. That’s human nature.

But here’s what we often get tripped over and end up delaying, or not even getting, what we want. A few weeks ago I heard a quote from Eban Pagan, a multimillionaire businessman, and he sums it up very well:

“Success is not obvious, and it’s counterintuitive”


  • The guy who thinks that if he’s veeeery nice to the girl, then she will like him back. The truth is you cannot make her like you because you’re “nice”. You may make friends with her, but that’s not the way to making her feel attracted to you.
  • The woman who thinks that if she just works more, then she’ll get offered a promotion or a raise. The truth is that working harder might not even be necessary. She may need to pursue more challenging projects, speak up for her accomplishments, help other people in the company, or even, dare I say, actually ask for the raise!
  • The millions of people who start exercising every January, only to quit by February, March at the latest. They do the obvious thing to get healthier – they exercise. But they do it all wrong, and that’s why they give up. The result? Even if they do get results from their first one-two months of exercising, they’re due to lose everything they just got because they quit.

Now, how many times have seen this start-and-stop cycle? It doesn’t lead to success, and it requires a tremendous amount of effort. Let’s take the example of a friend of mine.

He wanted to lose 15 pounds.

  • So he lost 3.
  • (Then he got back 2.)
  • Then he lost 5.
  • (Then he got back 6.)
  • Then he lost another 4, (but got them back).

He kept doing that for more than a year!

Now imagine it for a second. If you were to add all the weight he had lost, he had cumulatively lost more than 15 pounds. Yet he had zero results to show for it. No smaller sized pants. No flatter belly. He was exactly the same, because he kept gaining the weight back.

ALL this effort, for nothing.

He was not lazy. He was hardworking.

But still, he had no results to show for his effort.

That’s what happens when you simplistically follow the obvious road to success.

Oh, you want to lose weight? Just eat less and exercise more!

As if it was THAT easy. If it was that easy, then everyone would succeed on their first try. But it’s not.

And it’s not easy because, just like Eban Pagan said, the road to success is counterintuitive.

So if you’ve always wanted to get fast results with exercise, maybe live healthier, lose weight, have a better physique, a lifted butt, or a flatter belly, then ask yourself: What’s the OBVIOUS road to success?

My answer would be: Exercise 5 days a week for at least an hour! Keep this up and results HAVE to come. Right?

Well, now that you know what the obvious road to success is, then you know what NOT to do.

Because if you immediately go from zero to five times of one-hour workouts a week, then what’s the likelihood you’ll keep up with it for more than a month?


And what happens two months later once you stop exercise?

Right. Everything you got is lost, and you go back to being a beginner! Your saggy butt returns, along with your flabby arms. Those “fast results with exercise” that you wanted? Gone and never coming back until you start all over again.

Been there, done that. Do you really need to repeat the cycle one more time?

So if you cannot just start exercising, then what do you do?

Today I want to introduce to you Krista B., a teacher and photographer from Dallas, Texas. Krista is one of my students. She too wanted fast results with exercise. She has always been big, all of her life. As she explains in the interview below, she would often enroll at a gym only to quit a month or two later (and waste all this money to a gym she was not attending, not to mention the guilt and blame). But that’s not an uncommon result for busy people like her.

She thought she needed more motivation. She thought she needed to try harder. (obvious road to success)

She was wrong. What she really needed, was habits. (counterintuitive road to success)

And that’s when she found the counterintuitive road to success. By following the 9-week Exercise Bliss system, the 5 minute a day, daily habit-making program, she didn’t just start exercise.

  • She has kept up with it for more than 8 months.
  • A few months after she got into the daily tiny habit, she actually graduated to one of my intense exercise programs.
  • She’s now lost more than 25 pounds, without dieting, just because she’s exercising.
  • She no longer sees exercise as a chore, now it’s something she just does. It’s part of her every day life.

Most people would think that exercising for 5 minutes a day would be worthless, and would never actually bring fast results. And they’d all be wrong. And that’s why the road to success is counterintuitive.

But let’s let Krista speak for herself. Please note how she was so scared at first, that she didn’t even start the Exercise Bliss program until a couple of weeks later.

And now Krista is flying. Did she get fast results with exercise? You bet it! Better physique, better mood, better sleep, more confidence, more energy, and the knowledge that she knows exactly how to create habits.

The weight was just one of the benefits she got. The biggest one was seeing herself differently. In her own words:

“By establishing a habit system with my body I noticed that I began to think of myself differently.  I stopped focusing on my size or weight, and instead I began to feel more confident about my body. I also began to look forward to exercising—which I was surprised by.

Now that I am finished with the program, I have continued to establish small tiny habits to make positive strides with creating a healthy lifestyle. I am learning to appreciate my body and I enjoy the way my body feels after a challenging workout.  I still have a long journey to reach my desired target weight, but I no longer shame myself because of my size, because I am making daily strides to reach my goal, and for that I finally feel at peace with my body.” – Krista B.

This is real success. It’s success that you own. The weight won’t come back for Krista. Those 25 pounds? She can forget about them for good. The new pounds she’s gonna lose from now on? Gone for good. And the best part?

It no longer feels like effort, because now she’s actually looking forward to exercise!!!

You see, once you do the deep, strategic work to change a habit, and reprogram your minds that you actually think differently, then you feel like a new person.

You become a new person.

And this new you, is not the type of you that carries the extra weight. That’s the old you. The more you keep practicing the new you, the more the evidence of the old you (like the weight) go away. And they never come back. Because this is not just the old you, pretending you’re the new you.

This is the real new you. You’ve actually become the new you.

This is what you get when you follow the counterintuitive road to success. You SUCCEED. For good.

The obvious road to success? At first, it seems fast, sexy, and alluring, but it’s a trap. It’s actually the slowest road. On second thought, it’s not even a road, it’s a dead-end. Years may go by with no results, only frustration.

So now let me ask you about your “fast results with exercise” stories: Have you ever followed the “obvious” road to success, starting exercise only to stop after a while? Why did you start exercise in the first place, and at the end, what happened?

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