A 10-week, habit-making exercise course to have a fit life you can be proud of…

If only there was an exercise course that would help people move away from dreading exercise, or seeing it as a chore…and instead made them start…looking forward to it? Could this be possible? Maybe an exercise course that looked like this?

exercise bliss
That looks like an awesome exercise course! Could something like this exist?

Hold on for a moment and I will get back to this question shortly.

I am tired of guilt and self-consciousness.

  • See a fit person walking by? You immediately feel guilty for not exercising.
  • Ate a little bit too much? You feel bad for your inability to “restrain yourself”.
  • Wear your jeans but bits and pieces of your body stick out…when they “shouldn’t”? Aaaahh…of course, you need to exercise…but you don’t! This is a good time to start blaming yourself. You are good at this. You have years of practice behind you.

Well, it’s time to put an end to that. There is absolutely no reason you cannot lead a life that you can be proud of. Let me say that again.

There is absolutely no reason you cannot have a fit life you can be proud of.

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And no you don’t need to kill yourself to make this happen. You will start feeling immensely proud of yourself the very moment you start changing!

That very moment when you did something that you wouldn’t normally do.

  • You took the stairs instead of the elevator. Oh, and you also went for a walk with your kids? Plus, you did one full set of push-ups? Wow!
  • Oh, you have been doing one set of push-ups daily for 3 days in a row? Feel a little sore? A little proud for moving your body? Awesome!
  • Oh, that’s right, you have been doing that for a full 30 days. Oh, and you added a few squats and doing your favorite yoga DVD once a week? Amazing!

You see…You don’t need to become ripped to feel proud. You only need to start doing something different, something that is actually aligned with your final goal. As soon as your actions bring you closer to your dreams you will feel amazing!

  • When you see a fit person walking by, instead of feeling bad for being “unfit”, you will think: “Wow, she looks great! Good for her! Will I also look like that if I keep on like this? Hmmm”
  • When you eat a little too much…you won’t feel self-conscious. You will probably not even notice. It’s natural to eat a little more or a little less sometimes.
  • When you wear your jeans and parts of you “stick out”…So what? You will buy a different pair, one that actually fits you. Plus, as you get stronger, you get tighter…These parts won’t be there for long. Maybe they are already a little smaller? Let’s bring on the measuring tape…

When you don’t do what you feel you should do, you will feel bad with yourself, and take advantage of every “opportunity” to blame yourself for not doing the “right” things.

Yet, if you start doing something different, if you start aligning with your dreams…then you no longer see fit people or your own fat as opportunities to blame or feel sorry for yourself. You might see them as inspiration. You might feel excited for what may be in store for you as you get closer to your dreams…

Since I started Fitness Reloaded my goal was to help people get rid of guilt. Yet, to help them do that, I needed to help them  start exercising, so that their actions would start aligning with their dreams.

That’s what I did when a few years ago I decided I had to align my actions with my beliefs…

I had to go from...
I had to go from…

What I desperately wanted to avoid was to start exercising…only to quit a few months later. That’s why I focused on habits. If you build the right habits, then you keep doing it for the rest of your life.

So that’s how my habit-making exercise course, Exercise Bliss, came to life. To help people make exercise habit. Align their actions with their dreams. Live the life they would be proud of. Actually like themselves!

Exercise Bliss launched yesterday in private beta. The initial response was humbling 🙂

exercise course
One of the e-mails I got just a few hours after the launch…

Exercise Bliss is the culmination of everything I have learnt about habits and behavior change so far. It’s my passion and it’s my best plan to help people live the fit life they would feel proud of.

Yes, I was proud when I published “Surprisingly…Unstuck“, the healthy habits bible. But I am even more proud now, because Exercise Bliss, is actually a 10-week exercise course.

It’s easy to read a book and never take action. Or, just feel overwhelmed and not know how to start. But this is not possible with Exercise Bliss. It walks you through the habit-making process every step of the way. You know where to start, and what to do. All you need to do is follow the video instructions.

Here is why I am really, truly proud and why Exercise Bliss is the surefire way to create exercise habits that stick:

Exercise Bliss is built on the Body-Habit-Mind framework. Every part of this exercise course, every module, includes Body Training, Habit Training, and Mind Training videos.

  • Body Training is exercise. Pure workouts.
  • Habit Training is understanding how our brains work and code habits, and strategically create a fitness plan that helps you  integrate exercise in your life.
  • Mind Training is re-training our brains towards getting rid of self-limiting and self-sabotaging thoughts, and getting more of empowering thoughts and beliefs.

And that’s why Exercise Bliss is so comprehensive. There is nothing missing. We are approaching this lifestyle change from seeing exercise as a chore to actually looking forward to it from all angles.

Now you might call me biased. I am the creator after all. Yet here is my challenge. Sign up, and see for yourself whether my material is gold or not.

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