If I do this workout, how fast will I get results? Take the QUIZ!

fast results working out
Not all workouts are made equal.

This is probably the most common question I get. If I do this workout, when will I get results? Well, I’m answering this question for good, today.

The following is an except from my new interval training book Flat Belly Firm Butt in 16 Minutes: Get An Hour’s Results in 16 Minutes. Read till the end to take the QUIZ and learn whether your current workout will give you fast or slow results (and what to do if the answer is “slow”.)

How fast are you going to get results from working out?

It comes down to whether you’re doing: “Results-focused” versus “easy-going” exercise.

“Results-focused” exercise is when you’re pushing yourself. You don’t cheat. You don’t try to do less repetitions, lift lower weights, or run shorter distances. You take it to the next level.

That’s the type of exercise that sculpts your physique: your arms get leaner, your butt tighter, your abs flatter. Dress sizes drop, and inches are lost. Your strength and endurance go up, and suddenly you realize you no longer get as tired as you used to. That’s exactly what “results-focused” exercise does for you.

“Easy-going” exercise is usually less demanding. It’s the type of exercise where you don’t need to push yourself to make it happen. It’s when you lift what you’ve always lifted (making small incremental changes at best), when you run the route that feels like second nature to you, or when you go for a walk to get your daily 30 minutes in.

It feels good to get moving, and with every workout you add days to your life, but you’re not really changing the shape of your body. With time, most workouts that start as “results-focused” exercise inevitably transition into “easy-going” exercise.

This book is about “results-focused” exercise. Of course, I’m by no means against “easy-going” exercise. On the contrary, I think we desperately need more of it in our lives. Most of us sit way too much, often spending eight or ten hours a day on a chair or sofa. Sitting has dramatic effects on our health and longevity.

It’s no coincidence that one of the world’s longest-lived populations, the people in Ikaria, an island in Greece, do not focus on “results-focused” exercise. They do a lot of “easy-going” exercise and a small amount of “results-focused” exercise. They farm and perform gardening tasks. They walk. They swim. And they live to be 100 or more.

I firmly believe that the optimal “amount” of exercise to live healthy and vital and age to be 100 or more includes mostly “easy-going” exercise and a small amount of “results-focused” exercise.

“Results-focused” exercise makes you look your best and takes your muscles and endurance to the next level. “Easy-going” exercise is like a lubricant you apply to your joints, the oil you put into your engine. Your body needs this daily to function properly.

Now, the lines between “results-focused” and “easy-going” exercise can be blurry sometimes. I still remember years ago watching a 100-year-old+ man on Greek TV. He said that every day he’d walk to the woods and cut firewood with his axe. He’d then use the logs to warm his house in the winter.

I saw this 100-year-old man on TV working the huge axe and cutting the wood, and I kept thinking: “I’m in my twenties, but I’m not as strong as this 100-year-old grandpa! There’s no way I could do that for 15 minutes let alone for hours every day!”

Now does wood-cutting count as “results-focused” or as “easy-going” exercise? Maybe he was so used to the axe that even wood-cutting counted as “easy-going” exercise. But I think it was a combination.

Just like the people of Ikaria who walk a lot and also do multiple hardcore gardening and farming jobs, this guy spent a good chunk of his day walking, but he’d also work the axe. And the axe kept him in top shape.

flat belly firm butt in 16 minutes
Preview from my new book Flat Belly Firm Butt in 16 Minutes. Over 300 photos included.

What aesthetic changes should I expect as I keep working out?

I’ve already talked about how interval training is the fastest way to get results. And that’s why with FB16 you’re going to get accelerated results. Follow the workout plan presented in this book for four weeks straight, and you’ll witness noticeable difference in your energy levels right away. You’ll feel stronger and fitter. What used to tire you will now appear much tamer.

Don’t expect a magic bullet. FB16 is no magic diet pill that supposedly changes your whole body overnight. Exercise is a lifestyle change. You’ll see more and more results as you keep doing those workouts. You’ll be surprised by the changes and by the extent to which your body changes shape.

I’ve had people lose 20 pounds in eight weeks just from exercising three times a week with FB16. But the weight is just one change; witnessing your legs becoming thinner, your butt getting a lift, your love handles shrinking, and your middle becoming slimmer is an amazing experience. And it’s all about to start happening now.

Here’s what Joseph Pilates said about pilates: “After 10 sessions you will feel the difference. After 20 sessions you will see the difference. After 30 sessions others will notice the difference!”

Now considering FB16 is really fast in producing results, how does this quote translate for you? Here’s what I’ve seen from FB16 students so far:

  • Week Two – Notice a big difference in the way you feel and a slightly noticeable difference in the way you look—mostly the type of changes that other people can’t notice yet but you can!
  • Week Four – Notice real differences in your body. Your closest friends or partner might notice too.
  • Week Six – More people start spotting the difference as well! Compliments are coming!
  • Week Eight and beyond – The longer you stick to FB16 the more you’ll be reshaping your body. Keep working out and your body will be completely resculpted. Your physique will completely change! Your legs will look better when you wear skirts or shorts, your arms will look different when you wear sleeveless tops, and every bit of your body will change.

QUIZ: How fast are you going to get results with your current workout?

So what type of exercise are YOU doing? Results-focused or Easy-going? Answer with a “yes” or a “no”:

  1. First examine how it has worked for you so far: Are you seeing definition in your body that you had never seen before?
  2. Is your fitness level changing faster than painfully slowly?
  3. Do you really feel like you worked out after the workout is over or is it “meh”?
  4. Are you putting in A-level effort when you’re exercising, or are you getting it done with a C for effort?
  5. Is your workout easy to go through, or does it require attention and focus?
  6. Do you suddenly feel you have muscles you never realized you had?

If you’ve answered with 1-2 “YES”: You’re mostly doing “easy-going” exercise. Your body is not really going to change. Easy-going exercise is excellent for your health but is not designed to make your body change. You need to kick it up a notch if you also want to see tangible results. Try the Flat Belly Firm Butt in 16 Minutes video program and in 8 weeks your body will have transformed!

If you’ve answered with 3-4 “YES”: You’re doing a mix of “easy-going” and “results-focused” exercise. That’s perfect! Your body is changing. Now if you want truly accelerated you could kick it up a notch and get to the next level.

If you’ve answered with 5-6 “YES”: Wow, you’re a machine! You’re serious about getting results and it shows! Just make sure you’re not overstraining yourself. If all you do is healthy and safe, then keep it up! Your body is transforming really fast!

So what are your results? Are you more of a results-focused type of person or easy-going does it for you? Post your answer on Facebook.

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