What to do when you haven’t heard back, and you’re going crazy.

going crazy
Anxiously waiting for an answer, checking your phone every 5 min?

Maybe it was an interview. Maybe it was a date. Or, maybe it was a prospective client. In all cases, you’re anxiously waiting for an answer checking your phone every 5 min. You feel like you’re going crazy.

  • Will you get to the next round of interviews?
  • Will he/she call back?
  • Will the client say “yes”?

You’re obsessed. It feels as if you’re dependent on this answer. You really need this right now.

You know that there’s no point worrying about things you can’t control, but you have no idea what to do to stop it! You spend 50% of your work time refreshing your e-mail, and 80% of your free time worrying about what will happen.


  • Keep interrupting your work to check your e-mail.
  • Hardly spend any quality time with your family and friends because your mind is “elsewhere”.
  • Keep blaming yourself for not being to able to “just forget it”.

But what if it wasn’t like this? What if you could go on being exactly as productive as before, spend quality time with your loved ones, and never worry about what will happen with the interview, the date, or the big client?

Watch the video to learn the destructive side-effects of going crazy, worrying about the answer.

Once you learn this, you’ll never be able to let yourself worry again.

Ok, so now you know exactly what negative momentum is and how it’s bound to ruin every other interview, date, or client pitch you’ll ever do.

Alas….Not You! You now know how to avoid it. No need to spend another minute stressing about things you can’t control, creating negative momentum that will be impossible to stop!

Now that you know how to save yourself from going crazy, let’s see what you can do instead.

1. Take the Insecurity Antidote.

What is it? Preparation of course!

  • Was it an interview? Practice in front of a mirror.
  • Was it a date? Go to the gym – yes, you may be hardly any different till next time you meet that girl/boy, but wait till 3 months later, and all your friends’ and prospective dates’  jaws will drop.
  • Was it a client? Practice your pitch. Or, your craft. Or, study marketing.

Taking action is the most potent insecurity antidote. You will be upping your game, making sure that next time you’re gonna shine even brighter.

2. Play.

Now that you have so much time in your hands, why not use it to have some fun? Fun is good. It relaxes your body helping you do even better next time. Plus, you know, it’s fun! Duh!

Don’t have a hobby? Take up one. For 2014, I chose photography. What’s yours?

Otherwise, a good old hanging out time with friends always works.

Recommended reading: Charlie Hoehn’s “Play it Away”.

3. Come up with your “I deserve it” List.

This is a list of 10 reasons you deserve to get the job, the girl/boy, or the client. Here’s an example:

I deserve it because…

  1. I worked hard for it.
  2. I’m smart.
  3. I’m fun to hang out with.

Perfect, now you’re actively increasing your confidence, so that any “I’m not good enough thoughts” will be pushed aside!

Yet, the benefits of this list don’t stop with confidence. This is also a great way for self-review. If you find it difficult to complete this list, then you’re either not good at marketing yourself (go back to Nr. 1 and learn how to sell yourself), too modest (this attitude will only hide your talents from others, go back to Nr. 1 and study marketing), or maybe, you’re not as good as you initially thought.

Are you really deserving this as much as you think you should? There’s no shame in finding that we can improve ourselves. I know it’s sometimes frustrating, yet that’s life. We can’t have everything on day one! It’s a work in progress.

If you find that you could be better, then go back to Nr. #1 and prepare.

So now it’s your turn. Regardless of whether you’re currently waiting for an answer or not, how can you make yourself better and more confident? Will you choose preparation? Play? Or, creating the “I deserve it list”?

Pick one thing and start applying it this week. Don’t wait till you need it to do it. Do it now. That’s how winners prepare themselves for success.


P.S. So what if you try this method, but still cannot stop worrying? The answer is simple – worrying has already gained enough momentum for you that it’s like a car going downhill fast (watch the video to understand what this means).

There’s nothing you can do to stop that car. However, once the storm is over and you feel better, there’s A LOT to do, to lower your “I’m not good enough” momentum. Prepare, make “why I deserve it” lists, do everything you can to empower yourself, BEFORE you actually have an interview with another company or go out with another date.

Again, don’t wait till your time of need to do this work. Winners prepare in advance. Enjoy!

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