do first push-up

How A Daily Workout Helped Eva Do Her First Pushup at 65. 

At 65 Eva thought that she would never be able to do some stuff in fitness, like push-ups. She was wrong.

how to enjoy working out

The 5-min Program That Showed Liz How To Enjoy Working Out. 

Liz's past experiences with other workout programs left her feeling like exercise was a chore, and she would quit after a few weeks. Exercise Bliss actually helped her learn how to enjoy working out - with a routine she can stick to!

lose 22 pounds

Meet Loukia: How A 5-min Workout Led To A 22-pound Weight Loss. 

Loukia was definitely not into exercise. Little did she know that she would be soon exercising almost daily and lose 22 pounds as a result!

5-minute workout program

Why Sarah Ditched 30-day Challenges For This 5-min Workout Program. 

Sarah used to burn herself out with difficult 30-day or 90-day fitness programs. And then she discovered Exercise Bliss: a 5-min workout program that gave her better results without the struggle.

how to start exercise when you hate it

Meet Cathy: How To Start Exercise When You Hate It – At 57. 

This 57-year-old hated exercise for decades. She's now happily exceeding her daily 30 min. Here's how to start exercise when you hate it.

fast results with exercise

Get Fast Results With Exercise – Even If You’re Busy or Hate It 

Meet Krista - living proof that the way to getting fast results with exercise is not by punishing yourself to do more. The road is instead counterintuitive...