The BIG FAT MYTH that fitness experts wish they knew earlier.

no pain no gain

I asked the professional fitness community what they wish they knew earlier…The tip that really stood out was that the conventional wisdom of “No pain, no gain” is a BIG FAT myth. A myth that deters people from moving forward, and a big fat lie that has become an obstacle in their own training as well!

Here is what they said…

Amber from Café Physique confesses that no pain no gain is a myth:

“Workouts do not have to be grueling to be effective.

Despite being a certified personal trainer for 10 years, I used to subscribe to the “no pain, no gain” theory of exercise. I coached others through their workouts, but I secretly hated working out myself.

Eventually, I just couldn’t take it anymore, and I resigned myself to having a “flabbier” body in exchange for more pleasurable workouts.

But guess what? I’ve gotten in even better shape since then because my workouts are more consistent now that I actually like what I’m doing and it doesn’t hurt.


Jennifer Daly, owner of Kinespirit, NYC’s largest Pilates and Gyrotonic studio, agrees: No pain no gain is a myth!

I wish that I had learned that “No Pain, No Gain” is a bunch of nonsense earlier in my movement and fitness career. You can have A LOT of gain with activities that are actually fun and feel good…and guess what, if they feel good, you will do them with more continuity and longevity!

My take?

Of course no pain no gain is a myth! Exercise is supposed to:

  • Add to your life: make your life better, more vital, and happier.
  • Improve your focus, and productivity.
  • Make you stronger.
  • Give you the high feeling after each workout.
  • Make you feel like you are in paradise after you work out and shower.

If you find yourself not enjoying the above, then you believe in the old school myth of no pain no gain:

  • You see exercise as a chore.
  • Exercise is something that needs to be done, but you secretly hate.
  • Exercise is something that you want to avoid and that you want to get over with as fast as possible.

If you see exercise as no pain no gain, then it’s time to change:

Start by keeping the things you find tolerable and ruthlessly stop the things you hate. E.g., if you hate the treadmill then don’t be afraid to cut it out!

Regardless of what your trainer may be saying, it’s far more important that you keep a positive or at least neutral relationship with exercise, than a hateful one. Because a hateful relationship, leads to break ups!

Do you want to break up with fitness and miss all the benefits of exercise, or do you want to whip yourself a little less but enjoy your workouts more?

And remember that…just like Amber said…when she opted for less whipping and more enjoyable workouts, she actually got into better shape. You could do that too!

Just stop the whipping folks! 🙂

Photo Credits: Girl with a whip – Vectorportal

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