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How Would Like To Lose All 30, 50, or 70 lbs, Then RETIRE from Weight Loss? Eat Anything, Overeat Guilt-Free, But Not Gain Any Fat?

That’s Exactly What Our Clients in The Habits Academy Achieve Through Our Calorie Investing Method.

When You Give Me 6-12 Months To Master Calorie Investing, then You Won’t Just Lose Weight — You’ll Get Decades Of Being Weightproof:

  • Imagine losing weight eating MORE food, not less!
  • Imagine waking up in the morning and craving exercise…
  • Imagine no longer feeling the compulsion to eat food just because it’s in front of you!
  • Imagine losing all 30, 50, or 70 lbs, then going to a cafe and eating anything you want, without actually gaining any fat, while your girlfriends are trying to limit themselves to black coffee and a single bite of a cookie.
  • Imagine overeating during the holidays and again…not gaining any fat, and not needing to start a diet when the new year comes because your physique is just fine!

Why Weight Loss Is A BAD Goal.

If all you want is to lose weight then all you need to do is create a calorie deficit. You can do this in multiple ways (eating less, cutting our carbs/dairy/[other food group], counting calories, or overly exercising.

These methods all work great if all you need to lose is 10 lbs or so. But when it comes to losing 30 lbs or more, they fail:

  • They’re restrictive, so they become unsustainable after month 2. That’s when you quit and stop losing weight.
  • Even if you have willpower of steel, and lose a lot of weight, keeping the weight off is very challenging and requires you to keep restricting yourself for the rest of your life.

That’s why Weight Loss is not our primary goal in the Academy. Instead our primary goal is to become Weightproof, so that you don’t just lose weight, but you do it eating MORE FOOD, and then have a LIFESTYLE that is so solid, it repels gaining weight!

Because once you graduate from the Academy I don’t want you thinking year after year about how you need to lose weight and have to go on a diet. That period of your life is OVER. A new chapter is about to start.

4-Phase Roadmap:
From Overweight To
Slim & Weightproof

You Won't Just Lose Weight. In The Next 12 Months You Will Be Creating Your New Weightproof Lifestyle!

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Phase 1: Nail Your Fiber Goal

The average American eats 12 g of fiber a day. People in the blue zones? They’re in the 50+ g a day. The minimum requirement? 25 g.

Fiber is critical in promoting weight loss and that has been shown in research over and over. In the first 4 months your main focus will be to meet your fiber goal. That means you’ll be working on your meal structure, your new go-to vegetable-rich recipes, so that you create a new eating pattern that meets your new Weightproof goals.

You’ll understand Calorie Investing, the difference between high-yield, medium-yield, low-yield, and negative return foods, and how to create a plate that is both nutritious and promotes a slimming lifestyle.

Also: No more “eating less.” You’ll be eating a lot of food!

walk get fit without exercise
Phase 2: Increase Activity Level And/or Exercise

This phase is concurrent with Phase 1 but we usually make some good progress with Phase 1 before we also enter Phase 2. Through this phase we’ll be working on increasing your “Caloric Net Worth” by increasing your activity level (i.e., activity outside of your focused exercise sessions)

If you’re not currently strength-training but would like to start, we’ll also help you with getting started and teach you how to build more muscle, so that you don’t just get toned, but keep increasing your Caloric net Worth. 

should you take fish oil supplements
Phase 3: Increase Protein Intake

Once you graduate with phase 1 you can move on to increasing your protein intake. A high protein diet will not just promote satiety but will help you both retain and build more muscle, which is key for your Weightproof lifestyle that’ll repel gaining fat.

Note that you can’t enter Phase 3 before you fully graduate with Phase 1. You can’t work on protein at the expense of fiber. You have to nail down fiber and then start working on protein with your fiber staying intact! 

Phase 4: Weight Loss Retirement Prep

Once you reach your goal weight and complete Phases 1-3 you’ll transition into maintenance & retiring from weight loss. This means:

  • You’ll increase your caloric intake
  • You’ll stop tracking your food
  • You’ll still not be gaining any fat

Prepping you for Weight Loss retirement requires about two months. You’ll be an intuitive eater who eats according to hunger cues but can also overeat without gaining fat. This is what happens when you’ve created a Weightproof lifestyle.

Start Coaching With Us In WeightProof Today & Get:

#1. Weekly Live Coaching Every Monday & Tuesday

Lose weight through habit change (and access to recordings if you can’t make it.) Never let a bad meal or bad week derail your progress. We’ll be there for you.

Currently we’re meeting on Mondays and Tuesdays. A recording is available for anyone who can’t make it. More sessions will become available as people join. If timing is an issue and want to request a time change, let us know. 

One of our current coaching clients, Amy, gives an update on her progress as of May 2021:

Will you join us and be her classmate?

#2. Your Own Weight Loss Habits Plan So You Can Lose Up to 2 Lbs Of Fat A Week Every Week!

Learn HOW to put together your habits plan (or use coaching to have us help you), then add your weekly habits on your Habit Diary then check them off during the week. Stay on track and always on top of your game!

We’ll be reviewing your Habit Diary during coaching.

Habit Diary Examples:

#3. Coaching doesn't end after our call. Become Weightproof at your own time with unlimited access to the Habits Academy:

Coach yourself to become Weightproof with unlimited access to our 35 online Weight Loss Habit Courses that cover everything from nutrition, cooking, mindset, habits, strategy, as well as the best-selling exercise programs Flat Belly Firm Butt in 16 Minutes, and Exercise Bliss.


The 24/7 Badass Community

You’ll never feel alone! Share recipes, celebrate your successes, get motivated, in our 24/7 community!

Achieve Mental Mastery:

Do the journaling exercises we teach you to stay motivated, beat mental obstacles, & kill weight loss self-sabotage forever.

Compare Becoming Weightproof To...

Doing keto, low carb, or any other dieting method that cuts out your favorite foods – Price free to $300

While restrictive dieting can work when it comes to losing fat, unless your goal is to cut out those food groups for the rest of your life, then you’re inevitably be gaining back any weight you lose.

Joining a fitness bootcamp – Price $50 to $500

Fitness bootcamps are exciting and can be motivating. But what happens when the bootcamp ends? What will happen to your weight and to your habits?

Investing in a Peloton bike or other premium home exercise equipment – Price $2200 to $7000

Exercise increases the calories you burn. However, investing in a premium piece of equipment alone won’t make you use it past month 3. And even if you do, you’d still have to pay attention you don’t eat back what you burn (or eat more than you burn.)

Signing up for diet meals or shakes – Price $3600 a year or more

The thought of outsourcing your eating and not having to think about it is appealing. But once you stop using the service, you’ll go back to your current way of eating. And that will instigate weight regain.

Liposuction – Price around $10000

Liposuctions help you get rid of fat in just a few hours. The problem is that unless you also change your habits, the fat will return (and then you’ll need another one.)

Working with a personal trainer or nutritionist – Price $300-$1000 a month

Personal trainers & nutritionists are a great start. Some are good, some are not. What they do best is keeping you accountable. Just the thought of having to meet with them, makes you actually follow through. But how do you know you’ll be able to continue with healthy eating, if/when you stop working with a the professional?

Trying on your own by counting calories – Price free but what about time wasted?

Counting calories works. The problem is it’s also restrictive because it slices your portion sizes. Inevitably the plan becomes too restrictive and extremely difficult to keep up with.

For people who quit, the stay in the “wannaloser” cycle, needing to keep it up with counting calories to regulate their weight and/or having to go on another diet.

Doing nothing – Price free to start with, escalates to HUGE as you get older.

You can always choose to do nothing about having overweight or obesity. The issue is the problem is likely to keep exacerbating over the years, increasing risks of heart disease, stroke, and diabetes, and slashing life expectancy and quality of life.

Accepting your size and quitting weight loss.

You can always quit trying to lose weight and accept the aches and pains, the health risks, and the loss of quality of life that comes with it. If this is what you truly want, then all the power to you. But if you think you won’t be happy accepting your size, then the question is not whether to lose weight but rather HOW to go about it.

The RIGHT Way To Lose Weight Is By Eating MORE food. We Show You How To Do That With Calorie Investing.

It’s not this or that. It’s not about tiny portion sizes (in fact, most of the time I want you to be eating MORE, more food, more quantity). Yes, you can eat pizza, brownies, ice-cream. No food is off limits. With our method you’ll know how to structure your eating so you can eat anything you want, eat big quantities, and still lose weight!

Everything you need to become "Weightproof" & have a lifestyle that repels gaining fat!

Your first 10 days are on us! Start your Free trial!

Start Losing Weight By Repelling Fat Today For Free!

Join the Weightproof coaching program for 10 days for free!

Cancellations are easy: You’re free to cancel anytime during your trial and no further charges will be made. Just email us at support@fitnessreloaded.com. No gimmicks, no questions asked (even though as a founder I’d love your feedback 🙏.)

Join Today and Get...

Everyone else is restricting their portion size or cutting out food groups. We don’t do any of that and yet lose MORE weight and DON’T gain it back.

Not only will you lose weight, but imagine not struggling with weight again? Being able to have ice-cream or overeating on holidays without actually gaining fat? That’s being Weightproof.

Everybody else is trying to make you lose weight by applying short-term bandaids. Fitness Reloaded addresses the cause and is the only company that specializes in changing HABITS so that your new healthy habits become your new natural response and your go-to behaviors! Imagine having a healthy lifestyle that’s so solid that it naturally prevents weight regain and helps you stay slim, without it feeling like a struggle and without you having to limit yourself

Make a commitment to showing up to coaching every week, and you’ll get exponential results in return. We try to give time to every student, so chances are you WILL get coached when you come.

Hours of HD video lessons and hours of instruction with step-by-step instructions on nutrition, cooking, mindset, and exercise.

Our 12-week Flat Belly Firm Butt in 16 Minutes (best for busy people who want to get it done in 16 minutes), the Tight Core Daily (best for those who want to double down on their core), and the Exercise Bliss program for people hate exercise (but wish the didn’t) — all included in the Academy.

Every student get her own Habit Diary and progress Kit to update on a weekly basis and step-by-step transform her lifestyle into a slimming, Weightproof one!

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The Fitness Reloaded Habits Academy is an online learning and coaching platform that shows you how to lose 30+ lbs by applying Calorie Investing, creating new slimming weight loss habits and breaking the habits that hold you back. Yes, you can eat anything you want!

You can eat anything you want! There are no food group restrictions. Through our “Calorie Investing” Method we’ll show you how to eat anything you want without gaining weight or stopping yourself from losing weight.

While you don’t have to exercise, increasing your activity so you’re not sedentary is a goal we work on in the Academy because it helps you build a “Weightproof” lifestyle.

Yes, logging your food choices is part of you learning & practicing our “Calorie Investing” method that allows you to eat anything you want and still lose weight. This is not to police your choices, because Fitness Reloaded is not a diet, it’s a system that shows you how to change the habits that come naturally to you so you lose 30+ lbs and get lifelong results.

Your first 10 days are completely free, and after that it depends on whether you get one of the payment plans or the month-to-month option.

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  • Weekly coaching is not mandatory but strongly encouraged. You’l get 10x more results if you regularly attend.
  • Right now, classes  are small and everyone gets the opportunity to get coached.
  • If you miss a class, a recording will be available to you.
  • If the timing does not work for you, please send a message to see how we can work with your schedule.
  • 1-1 coaching is available through our VIP Club Add-On. This is a premium membership that gives you access to 1-1 calls with Maria and private, instant messaging for questions.

You’ll need about 10 to 20 minutes a day (spread over the day, not in one chunk) to plan and stay on top of your habits so that you lose weight consistently every week. Then up to 1 hour a week for weekly coaching. Going through the courses in the Academy is done at your own time and you can put in as little or as much time as you want.