Stop Comfort Eating – Even When You’re Sad, Stressed, or Tired.

comfort eating

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Wheeee! I’m so excited to have top food behaviorist Isabel Foxen Duke talk to the Fitness Reloaded about comfort eating. You know the one you do when you’re sad, stressed, or tired. The one you do when you’re not hungry – you eat just because it makes you feel better.

Obviously it’s hard to avoid getting sad, stressed, or tired, just so that you don’t succumb to comfort eating (duh!). It’s also hard to use willpower to stop yourself from doing it.

No matter how hard you try, screaming “stop eating”, it doesn’t really work. You already know this from experience.

So if willpower doesn’t help you stop comfort eating, then what can?

That’s exactly what we discussed with Isabel Foxen Duke in this jam-packed 45 min interview. We covered:

  • How worrying about eating makes you eat more (and why screaming “stop” doesn’t work)
  • How much better life would be if emotional or comfort eating was not an issue. Just imagine devoting pure focused time on excelling at work, or just enjoying your kids with your mind being “there”, being fully present, instead of thinking about food.
  • Normal eaters vs. emotional eaters (hint: imagine having a piece of chocolate in your bag and forgetting it’s even there! That’s normal eating)
  • What it is that we do that makes us resort to eating just to feel better, and how to stop comfort eating for good.
  • How Isabel used to feel so bad about her body, that she’d eat more to “comfort” those bad feelings, and how she got over that era.
  • Why trying one more diet won’t cut it, and relying on willpower will just keep producing disappointing results
  • How Isabel helps her clients stop comfort eating, and develop a healthy relationship with food (hint: become a normal eater). No diet, or willpower necessary!

This interview is a must watch for you if you’d answer with a “yes” to two or more of the following:

  • You second-guess yourself around food. Did you eat too much? Were you allowed to eat that?
  • You often find yourself wanting to eat something, but stopping yourself from doing it because you “shouldn’t”
  • You take diet advice too seriously. Sugar is bad? Cut it ALL out. Carbs are bad? Swear them off now.
  • You feel guilty about what you ate.
  • If it happens and you break your diet…then hell breaks loose and you eat EVERYTHING.
  • Cravings. You constantly have them and constantly fight them.
  • You eat when you feel tired, stressed, or sad, and then feel very guilty about doing that.
  • You feel you’ve tried EVERYTHING. Every diet on the planet. Yet nothing has given consistent results.

Available for a few more days:

If you’re an emotional eater and want to end this chapter of your life now…

Then make sure you drop your name and e-mail here to get instant access to Isabel’s free videos (full disclosure: affiliate link). They’ll be up until October 9th, so if you’ve been procrastinating and leaving this till later, well, later is now.

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