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My 3 Favorite Healthy Snacks Under 200 Calories

Welcome to one more episode of the Smart, Lazy, Dieters series. Today I’m gonna do something very different than what I normally do. I’m gonna tell you my 3 absolutely favorite healthy snacks under 200 calories. Now, I don’t usually like to give people specific dietary guidelines. Why? Because I hate all the diet confusion that… Read More

9 tips to avoid calories when eating out, so that you don’t have to diet later to “compensate”.

Note from Maria: We’ve already talked about how restaurants are engineered to make you overeat. The environment, the portions, the smells, your friends, everything in a restaurant urges you to indulge in eating…a little more. Now that you are conscious of how you are “nudged” to act in a restaurant, let’s have Rebecca Wallace from… Read More