Episode 97 – Total body High Intensity Workout Routine (paradise alert!)

I’m back with a quick high intensity workout routine that you will love! Here is what is special about this routine:

  1. It works all of your body in less than 7 minutes.
  2. You don’t need equipment to do it.
  3. Even though it’s less than 7 minutes, it works your muscles as if you were exercising for 30 minutes or more. Why? Because it’s high intensity training, and that’s what high intensity training does to you.
  4. It hands you the keys to paradise (read below for more).

Here is how it works. We’ll do three exercises one after the other. Once we are done, we’ll do one more round. And then, if you feel like it, you can do one more round 😉

The secret is…good exercise form and no breaks.

We won’t be resting between sets. We’ll just be moving from one exercise to other. No rest until we complete 2 rounds (or 3 if you are brave!). That’s one reason that keeping the right form is important. When we feel rushed we might be inclined to do the exercise somehow, even if that means we are ruining our form. Don’t do that. Try to understand the exercise before you get started with the workout.

You’ll get into paradise in less than 15 minutes:

You are about to enjoy one of my favorite feelings. I love this feeling so much, I call it “Paradise”. Once you complete the workout routine, you will:

  1. Take a shower.
  2. Slip into clean clothes
  3. Revel in the after-exercise feeling. You’ll be satisfied with yourself. You will feel your muscles have worked. You will be fresh and smelling amazing.
  4. Now that’s paradise.

So you ready?

High Intensity Workout Routine Breakdown

1. Frogs

Why? Frogs work your abs really well. Plus, they are a jumping exercise, protecting your from osteoporosis and seriously burning some calories. Make sure your body is straight when in the plank position – you don’t want to hurt your back.

frogs exercise start
Get in a plank position.


frogs exercise end
Jump up and bring your feet to the front, next to your palms.

2. One-legged Balance Warrior

Why? One-legged balance warrior (or dips) is an amazing exercise for your balance and your butt. It also works your core, back, shoulders, and biceps (the back of your legs).

Using a dumbbell, or a bottle of water, or anything heavy…will just make the exercise harder for you. However, you don’t have to use a weight to do this exercise correctly.

one-legged balance warrior 1
Stand straight with both legs slightly bent, and one leg being ready to get raised up.


one legged balance warrior 2
Bend down, holding your back straight, and lifting one leg up. Keep your legs bent. If you accidentally touch the floor with your hand, then the repetition doesn’t count and you have to re-do it.


3. Push-ups

Why? A lot has been said about the benefits of push-ups. What most people don’t realize is that push-ups are a very effective abs exercise. They also work your chest, shoulders, and arms. Yes, that’s right, if you want to have leaner arms…do some push-ups, please.

If you feel you hate them, then I recommend you start with an easier push-up variation and do less than 5 reps each time. This way you will have time to get comfortable with them, without scaring yourself by how “hard” they feel. Start easy and before you know it, they will feel natural. And you will stand taller, while your friends ask you about your arms. Nice!

high intensity workout routine with pushups
Hell yes, for push-ups. If you are new to them, then try the easier variation below.


high intensity workout routine total body
Balance yourself on your knees to perform half push-ups.


Looking for more high intensity workouts? I have two that last for just 3 minutes each:

1. Work your whole body with push-ups, planks, and squats

2. Hip raises, lunges, and superman…in 3 minutes


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