3 weird benefits of exercise: Orgasms, money, and brains.


Most of us know that exercise reduces our heart disease, cancer, and osteoporosis risks. However, were you aware of the following weird benefits of exercise?

1. Exercise makes Women orgasm

Exercising may make women orgasm. Especially, when doing abs exercises. Seriously! Researchers at Indiana University asked women whether they had ever experienced “exercise-induced orgasms” (or else, “coregasms”). Up to 15% of women apparently do experience orgasm during exercise.

Think that experiencing pleasure while  exercising is rare? Hmm..think again. 40% of respondents reported they’d experienced orgasm or sexual pleasure while exercising more than 10 times.

Now, just in a case you are a lady, and just in case you got curious, here are a few abs exercises to get started…hehe

2. Exercise increases your salary

New studies correlate making more money and exercise. In particular, a study published in the Journal of Labor Research found that people who exercise regularly (at least 3 times a week) make 9% more than their lazier co-workers.

And this is just one study. Other studies have confirmed the opposite: that people who are not in good shape earn less.

I think these correlations make perfect sense. People who are in shape usually have higher self-confidence than people who are not in good shape. Higher self-confidence increases people’s “can-do” attitude. No wonder that a higher “can-do” attitude results in more money…

Regardless of whether you are male or female, exercising more is correlated to more money…So if you want to earn more, you know what to do…get in shape! These quick workout videos are perfect for busy professionals like you.

3. Exercise makes you smarter

We start losing part of our brains starting at our late twenties. Exercise (even moderate one such as walking) helps us stop the deterioration of our brains.

Scientists used to believe that we could not generate more brain cells. If that was the case, aging would just lead to lose more and more brain cells (and become dumber and dumber year after year). Yet, scientists have discovered that (fortunately) this is not correct. In particular, exercise can slower or even reverse the losing-cells process.

The result is that, e.g., you can be a 65-year old with the brain of a 63-year old, after just 1 year of moderate exercise.

Wanna increase your brainpower and be smarter? Be active! Here is a list of quick workouts you can do anywhere.


Orgasms, money, and brains. The benefits of exercise keep surprising me.

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