Episode 90 – The two major exercise breathing techniques & the one rule you should never break.

breathing techniques
If you never break this one rule, you will avoid turning blue. No kidding.

[Shh…There is a dirty secret below. But I cannot tell right now.]

“Inhale through the nose, expand your lungs, exhale as you push your body back in the starting position….Now repeat again. Inhale though the nose…”

I could never understand the emphasis on breathing during exercise. Why all those different breathing techniques? Wasn’t it enough that I was working my body? Why did I have to pay attention to how I breathed?

When I was a novice exerciser I used to get really confused with breathing during exercise. The instructor would tell me when to breathe in or out, yet that would only add to my confusion.

Not only did I have to pay attention to the exercise at hand, I was also supposed to somehow make sense of how I was supposed to breathe. All those different techniques and tempos were the equivalent of clutter for me.

Luckily, I can see things more clearly now. I now know when to inhale and exhale. But most importantly, I know that as long as I don’t make this one mistake, as long as I don’t break this one rule, then I cannot really get it wrong.

In today’s episode I am showing you…

The two major breathing techniques practiced during exercise along with the one breathing mistake you should never make.

Dirty Secret: These breathing techniques are not just great for exercise. They are amazing for relaxation and meditation. Just try them! 😉 

So which breathing technique do you prefer? And do you ever catch yourself breaking the breathing rule I described?  I’d love to know! Find me on Twitter or Facebook.

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