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The Calorie Investing Method: What To Eat To Lose 30+ Lbs While Actually Eating More & Without Banning Foods

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Freedom is guilt-free, okay? So when you do calorie investing not only will you lose weight without being hungry, which by the way, most people do not believe, like, most people think, weight loss equals restriction. Okay? You do weight loss equals restriction, no habits are being wired, you’re going to fail.

Hello everybody, and welcome to Fitness Reloaded. I’m Maria Brilaki.

I’m the founder of the Fitness Reloaded Habits Academy and the best-selling author of Surprisingly Unctuck: The Power of Small, Healthy Habits in a World of Addicted to Instant Results. I help female leaders with kids, lose 30, 40, 50, 60, 70 pounds or more, and never complain about their size again. In the last video, we talked about the importance of habits in helping you achieve that, okay? To never have to complain about your size again and actually find freedom where you can eat and not fear about gaining weight. Like weight, not being a problem in your life.

In this video, we’re going to discuss about what to eat to lose those 30, 40, 50, 60, 70 pounds or more. So we’re not looking about short-term strategies with just what we discussed, also in the previous video, like many people do, especially when they need to lose like, just like 10 or 15 pounds because those are definitely failed strategies when it comes to losing a lot of weight. So let me get started by describing you my method, calorie Investing.

This is the exact same method that I used after gaining 50 pounds during my pregnancy to lose all the weight within one year. Now, keep in mind, I already had really good habits. In fact, when I actual caesarean, and during my caesarean, my surgeon said I had really good abs, which was a weird thing to hear while you’re having a caesarean and your belly like this because you have a baby in there. So I started out with having really good habits, but still, without calorie investing, I wouldn’t have been able to lose that weight, and especially I wouldn’t have been able to lose that weight and do it fast.

Okay? Because if you change your habits, this is an amazing approach that you will get lasting results, meaningful results, but you can’t exactly control the speed. But when you do Calorie Investing, you can actually control that speed. Calorie Investing is another habit. It’s also a habit. Everything that we do at Fitness Reloaded, it comes with a habits perspective first.

So everything that we do, it has to be easy, it has to feel good. Otherwise, your brain is not making into a habit, which means you’re going to fail.

You’re going to get, you’re straight into mediocre results, okay? And you are a leader. You don’t want any mediocre results. Okay. So without saying any more about that, let me tell you how Calorie Investing works. I’m telling you, if you do this, you will be able to lose weight without feeling hungry and not just that. You will be able to actually find freedom that you currently do not have because right now you’re trapped, okay, even though you technically have the freedom to have whatever you want, meaning if you feel like eating pizza today, you can go ahead and eat pizza.

No problem. Then you get hit with guilt. Okay? And that is not freedom. Freedom means being able to eat whatever you want and not feeling guilt. Okay, freedom is guilt-free. Okay? So when you do Calorie Investing, right, not only will you lose weight without being hungry, which by the way most people do not believe. Like, most people think, weight loss equals restriction. Okay? You do weight loss equals restriction, then no habits are being wired.

You’re going to fail. Okay. So that’s not going to work, okay? In, at Fitness Reloaded we prohibit suffering, but also with Calorie Investing, you will not be hungry and also you will find food and we’ll discuss how that works just right now. Let’s get started. So what we to eat to lose all the weight, not just 10 or 15 pounds, and then get stuck, okay? All the weight and never complain about your size again?

OK, so let’s talk about the first thing, which is your Calorie Investing Portfolio.

What is a Calorie Investing Portfolio? I want you to compare calories to money.

Okay? So every day you have a specific number of calories. And most people, this is where they start associating weight loss with restriction. But wait a minute, because if you do Calorie Investing, this is not going to be restriction. Because restriction, no habits. Restriction means you fail. You don’t lose all the weight.

So wait a minute. Hold on with your assumptions.

So every day you have a certain calorie budget.

This is like you have a certain money every day to do with whatever, whatever it is that you want to do. Okay. So you already allocate those calories by making different food choices. Okay? Same with your money. You have a certain amount of money and I’m pretty sure you may have an investment portfolio or retirement account, you spend some money. You go on vacation, you pay maybe for a gym, like you make decisions about your money.

Okay? So just like you have an investment portfolio, when it comes to money, you also have an investment portfolio. When it comes to calories, you already have that because you’re already making decisions about what to eat. Okay, now you do have a Calorie Investment Portfolio, but that means that portfolio is performing as it should, okay, or better said as it could, because if you were to optimize it, you would get higher returns, okay, which is what Calorie Investing is, this is what we’ll discuss.

Same thing with money.

If you optimize your money, you might be making more out of your investments.

Maybe you’re going to sell some bonds and buy some ETFs. I don’t know. But there are things that you can do to increase your return. Okay? And totally, same thing with your money. Okay? But before we go into the specifics of that, I want to a little bit discuss on this dichotomy between good and bad foods, okay?

Good Foods VS Bad Foods?

Because many people think that, “oh, those are good foods and that we can eat and those are bad foods that we cannot eat.” And I want you to stop thinking in simplistic terms. This is extremely simplistic, because it all comes down to context. Okay? This is good for what? Okay? For example, the color red is a great color to wear if I want to attract attention. Great color. The color red is also probably a bad color to wear if I were to go to a funeral. You see my point, color red is neither good or bad.

Okay? It depends on the context. So when it comes to food, again, it depends on the context. Like we said in the previous video, maybe having a glass of wine is increasing your sense of belonging. So it’s good for that. Glass of wine and not a very good choice if you’re going to drive. Okay? So if you’re optimizing for safe driving, you will stay away from that glass of wine. If you’re optimizing for sense of belonging, you will go ahead and have a glass of wine. Okay?

Cheesecake, you would really say, optimize for pleasure, but if you’re optimizing for weight loss, then you might look at cheesecake differently, which we’ll discuss right now. We’ll discuss right after about how you can include cheesecake in your Calorie Investment Portfolio. Okay. So there are no good or bad foods. It all comes down to context and what it is you’re optimizing for. Okay?

Now when it comes to weight loss, we care about one thing specifically, and that is satiety.

Meaning you want to get full in fewer calories. This is why you care about with weight loss, because if you can feel full without eating a lot of food, Okay? And by a lot of food, I mean a lot of calories, okay? I don’t mean volume of food. And with that, let me give you an example. Just a minute. Just a minute. Many people automatically assume that they need to eat less in order to lose weight, but that is actually not true.

Okay? What they mean is, eat less from the negative return foods, eat more of the high-yield foods, which we’ll discuss later on. But let me now show you an example. This is a small orange. This small orange has 45, 50 calories. You know what else has 45 to 50 calories? These pecans. Do you see the difference? What do you think will make you feel fuller, eating the orange or eating four pecans?

This is yet another myth around weight loss that you need to eat less. In fact, you can eat more and lose more weight if you have a good, solid calorie investment portfolio. Okay? We’ll discuss that. I gave you a very quick example, where I did not compare healthy versus unhealthy foods. I compared pecans, which are nuts. Okay? Nuts are good for you. With orange, orange, which is also good for you, okay. Yet when it comes to weight loss, they, they, they have different effects.

Okay? So with the orange, the orange has fiber, the orange is what is going to keep you fuller for longer. Okay? Those 50 calories will give you more than the 50 calories from the pecans. Okay? Pecans are very small and they’re very calorie-dense means, they have a lot of calories for their volume. Okay? Also pecans very easy to overeat. Okay? Like you eat these four pecans. You feel like you eat nothing. That’s not the case with orange.

Okay? With the orange. Let’s say you go ahead and have two oranges, 100 calories, Okay, with the pecans. There’s no way you’re just going to eat four. Looks like that’s literally like having a taste of some nuts. You’re going to have a taste of some nuts and get that is 50 calories. You don’t even realize you’re getting. High-yield, low-yield and negative return. Orange is a high yield food. So what does that mean, like I said before, you already have a specific Calorie Investment Portfolio, Okay?

You already eat some foods from the high-yield group like the orange or like eggplant. You already eat some foods from the low-yield group like, let’s say spaghetti. And you already eat foods from the negative return food, okay, this is where you’re losing money, Okay? For example, wine or cheesecake. But in order for you to lose weight, you don’t have to stop eating any food groups, Okay? You can keep eating all of them.

You just need to reallocate, reallocate your investments exactly like you would do with money.

If you want your money to perform better, you might do, you might have to do some reallocation, okay? To your investment to get better performance. Exact same thing. Okay? So what that means is that the more high-yield foods you eat, first of all, those high-yield foods, they tend to have a lot of volume. Okay? So you’re going to actually end up eating more, Okay?

You will eat more. You will feel full without having really had that many calories. Okay? You will feel satiated. You will not be hungry. That’s a very huge win. Not many people get to say that when they try to lose weight, which is why most people do not succeed. The more high-yield foods you eat. So the better your investments do. Okay? That will give you freedom to go do the negative return stuff. Okay? So let me give you an example.

If your investments aren’t doing really, really, really well, Okay? Then you might as well, then you’re going to have disposable income, Okay? Because your investments are doing really well. So if you have, let’s say, some sort of investment that’s killing it and you make 100% year over year, I’m just making an example. Let’s say your investments are doing really good. You have a lot of disposable income that you can then go ahead and spend however you like.

Okay? So if you like, if you want to go buy a Birkin bag, you can, Okay, that’s a negative return. Does nothing for your money. This is just your spending. So it’s negative return when it comes to optimizing for money. Okay? You can go buy that purse or you can go get a new car, okay and just driving out of the dealer’s parking lot because of depreciation, you lost ten, twenty thousand depending on your, the original value of your car just because now your car is pre-owned and it’s no longer new.

Okay? This is you wasting money just because you can and it’s not necessarily wasting money. I mean, it’s you exercising your freedom, right? You want to get that purse, you can go get the purse. You want to buy that car, you can go get the car. You want to know do, all of those things, but save your money to buy a house, to go on vacation, college fund, whatever it is that you want to do, you have freedom when your investments do well.

And exact same thing with weight loss.

The more you invest in those high-yield foods, the more calories you’re going to have left. You will actually have calories, many calories and those calories you can spend.

Give me that wine. Give me the cheesecake. You can do like all the stuff you like. Or you can keep and lose weight even faster. OK, this is actually how Calorie Investing works. So the better you invest, the more freedom you have.

OK, so I’ll finish with this video. What I want you to realize is, first of all, we are not talking about restriction here at Fitness Reload. Because restriction will stop the Habit Wiring Process, and you’re doomed. Sorry to say that I have yet to meet a person who succeeded with Weight loss without building any good habits. And if you think your brain is going to wire habits while you feel restricted, well, good luck with that, okay? Because this is not how our brain works.

So, you can’t do restriction if you want to lose weight for good, like you have to forget that part of your thinking. This is very difficult because we’ve been conditioned for many years and all sorts of looking what everybody else is doing that, oh, I have to restrict myself for things to work. And if you go down that path, you will not work, okay? It looks like it’s working and maybe does work for the first 15 pounds, but it doesn’t work if you want to have, if you want to lose a lot of weight, and if you want to keep off a lot of weight, let alone finding freedom.

Right? Like not worrying about your size again. Because if you eat a lot of those high-yield foods, and this is your new eating pattern meaning this is new, your new Calorie Investing Portfolio, this is how you tend to eat. Then, though, this pattern of eating not only will it get you to be slim, but it will also keep you slim. Right? Because this is now how you eat and the way you eat helps you, let’s say, avoid overeating and it keeps you full.

Okay, you have fewer cravings. The list goes on and on and on, when you eat a lot of the high-yield foods and you can still eat low-yield foods and you can have space, to even waste calories, which is not really waste, but just exercise your freedom by doing negative return stuff. Okay, you can do negative return stuff just because you can. Okay? But if you see this as a diet, oh, I’m going to do this thing for a little while to lose weight, then this is not working.

This is you being like, I don’t really want to do this, I don’t really want to do this. But check this out. We are not talking about you doing something you don’t like. We don’t talk about you eating bland food, okay?

Many people think high-yield foods, is, let’s say chicken with a salad. And actually, that’s not high-yield food in my Calorie Investing Portfolio.

But in Calorie Investing chicken with salad is not a high-yield food, which I know, is like the go-to of most diets, Okay? Chicken with salad would fall going to the low-yield category.

Okay, and if you just focus on doing low-yield, which many diets, this is what they make you do. They make you not eat the negative return stuff and just make you eat low-yield foods, okay? Low-yield foods and maybe just eat less of them. This is where the restriction comes both in terms of, oh, now you can really eat negative return stuff. And also that low-yield means low portion sizes. This is like investing in bonds that have a very low return that doesn’t even match inflation.

OK, you’re going to get fat, Okay? You’re going to gain weight because you’re losing money every year. You’re not even meeting inflation. Okay? So I want you to for a second, forget your preconceived notions. Forget that you have to be restricted. Restriction means you’re going to fail. Okay?

So open up your mind that there is a way to lose weight where you’re not restricted, where you’re not hungry.

When you actually eat more than you did and where you can eat the negative return food, the negative return food, the negative return food guilt-free because they’re part of your Calorie Investing portfolio because you can, okay? Because if your investments are doing well, then you can go buy the purse without getting into credit card debt, okay? It’s just extra money that you have, okay? You can do whatever you want. That is true freedom, okay?

And here at Fitness Reloaded we’re all about freedom, okay? I want you to be free of having weight loss as a problem, and thinking like, every year, thinking like you have to lose weight, don’t do that to yourself. Don’t do that to yourself. So I hope you enjoyed this video. And now, that we’ve covered habits and we’ve covered how your identity needs to change what you really should be aiming for, okay? You really should be aiming of becoming that person. Who do I need to become, okay?

You will become that person who is a very good Investor.

Okay, when you become a very good investor, you’re going to lose a lot of weight and not gain it back. But there are some things coming your way and that is your brain, okay? Your brain and the thoughts, your mental habits, which is why we’re going to discuss in the next video, can stop you from even starting, okay? Of course, they can make you quit, but they can also stop you from even starting, okay? Simple thoughts like “this is not going to work.”

We’ll discuss about it in the next video. It’s really important because without getting your mind up to speed to make it your biggest supporter, then you will not go far even when you know what you should be doing. Okay, so even if I were to tell you specifically everything you need to know about Calorie Investing and what toeat, you will not implement it if your brain is not in alignment, okay? So thanks a lot for watching. I’ll see you again in the next video.


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