Meet Karen: How To Exercise When Exercise Is Boring.

don't like gyms

Karen E., Manager, Colombia

Karen: “I don’t like gyms, running, or sports, but I loved Flat Belly Firm Butt!”

This busy professional used to think that exercise is boring. But then she found Flat Belly Firm Butt. She got so excited about it she even got her mom and sister to do it with her.

At a glance

exercise is boring

The Problem: Thinking that exercise is boring.

“I don’t like gyms, I don’t like running in a park, I don’t like playing sports.”

The Solution: A both efficient and fun workout.

“I loved that each type of exercise lasted not very long. So it was bearable and not boring. And knowing that I was getting the results of one hour at the gym was very encouraging.”

Her RESULTS: A better body + a sense of accomplishment!

“My reduction of waist size (3 in. lost) and a more toned body, but also having found a “recipe” that works for me in the sense of now I know that I can exercise properly at home, by myself, anywhere in the world.”+

+Results vary depending on starting point, goals, and effort.

How she succeeded

If you think that exercise is boring, then of course it’s hard to make exercise a habit. When exercise is not a habit, then you don’t do it consistently (let alone just put it on autopilot) and hence we have either people who just never exercise, or people who are yo-yoing, starting and then stopping exercise, and beating themselves in the process.

Many people in this category just think “there’s something wrong with them” and blame themselves as lazy. In reality, the reason might just be that they haven’t found a workout they actually like.

“Unlike other workouts, I didn’t find FB16 boring!”

For Karen exercise is boring. Or that’s how she felt until she found Flat Belly Firm Butt:

  • I loved that each type of exercise lasted not very long. So it was bearable and not boring.
  • Also, for me, many forms were new and not hard for my back or my wrists for example.
  • And I loved switching from cardio – which is the hardest for me – to other types of exercises too (toning), because in my 5min workout, I tend not to do any cardio because I don’t like it. Here, I was able to do it and it was OK.
  • And knowing that I was getting the results of one hour at the gym was very encouraging.

But once you find a workout you finally like, results happen!

Karen explains the results she got from FB16:

I felt it was a challenge and that it was already something to be proud of each day I did it. I started getting more toned and having more strength, especially in my arms, which is where I lack strength the most. I also reduced my waist size (belly button) substantially! About 6cm (=3 in) in total I think and now, I can’t even imagine how my waist was ever so fat… Whenever I measure it and see all that I lost, I feel amazed.

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