Episode 95 – Ready to have fun with a friend? Try this partner workout routine.

Want to entice your spouse to exercise? Or, maybe have fun with a friend or your kid? I got a perfect idea for you: try this partner workout routine!

There are three exercises in this routine. One is for all levels, one is intermediate, and the other is intermediate/advanced. Yet, all three of them are super-fan and they work almost every muscle of your body!

You don’t need weights, you don’t need any other exercise equipment, you just need a friend. In this video, I work out with my niece. Let’s do this!

Partner Workout Routine Breakdown

1. The Table-Bridge (Intermediate)

My niece is doing the bridge, lifting her hips up with her legs on my back. My back is straight providing support for her.

Make this harder by doing the bridge on one leg (see picture) or by being in a plank rather than in a table position.

partner workout routine - bridge table
One partner does the bridge moving their hips up and down, while the other person is in a table position.

2. The Plank-Squats (Intermediate/Advanced)

This is an amazing exercise! It’s super hard for both partners. One person is holding a plank, while the other person squats with the other person’s weight on their shoulders. Don’t do this if you are new to exercise.

partner workout routine - plank squat
One person is holding a plank, while the other person squats down.

3. The Lat pull down-Squats (All levels)

This is a perfect exercise for your back, regardless of you level. One partner pulls down their arms, while the other person provides resistance. If you are the one providing resistance, make sure your back is straight and you don’t slouch.

lat pull down - squat partner workout routine
One person engages their back to pull down, while the other person provides resistance, squatting up and down.

Which exercise did you like the most? Which one will you try?

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