Top 3 Exercises for Abs for Lazy People (+ Their 11 Best Home Variations)


When I was creating Exercise Bliss, the only exercise course targeting lazy people, I knew I had to do things differently. I really wanted people to succeed, but considering these people had tried to exercise in the past but gave up later, then how would I make sure that this time would actually be different?

How would I help them turn into the people who feel as if something is missing if they do not do their daily workout? How could I help them stop procrastinating and just do it?

I had to show them what to do that actually works, and I had to do it in a non-threatening way so that they would ease into it.

You see, whenever I see people at the gym doing crunches, the popular abs exercise, I just want to cry! I really do! I cannot stand it that people are wasting their time with such ineffective exercises!

  • If you are truly lazy, then you’d better not devote time to ineffective exercises. Instead work out less, but do exercises that are more effective. This is how you can get 60 minutes’ worth of results in just 15 minutes.
  • The only reason to do ineffective exercises is that you love doing them. In this case, keep on. Fun conquers all!
  • Many of us blame ourselves as lazy, when in fact we avoid exercise because we think it’s too difficult. With this Lazy Exerciser series I’ll give you multiple variations, so that you find an exercise that fits your own fitness level.

So today, I want to take some of the exercises used in Exercise Bliss and publicly introduce The Lazy Exerciser Series! We’ll start with the Top Exercises for Abs, and in upcoming posts we’ll cover legs and butt, & arms, back, and chest.

Why now?

Summer is coming. Sleeveless tops and shorts season is almost on! Many of us are thinking about getting in shape. We have every right to look our best. We have every right to enjoy ourselves as we move our bodies. We have every right to get the energy boost that only exercise can give.

My hopes are that if you’re not exercising already, then you’ll get started now. My more ambitious hopes are that your heated interest for working out won’t fade when fall comes, but will stay with you for the rest of your life. I hope that you will become a vitality example that others will pinpoint as you age.

 So what are the 3 Top Exercises for Abs?

Handsdown if I had to pick 3 exercise families, then these are the ones I’d choose:

1. C-position Abs

2. Leg Lifts

3. The Plank

Below you’ll learn not just how to do each exercise, but also more than 11 variations of them, so you can find the exercise that fits your own fitness level. Let’s do this!

Top Exercises for Abs #1: C-position Abs. My favorite right now.

top exercises for abs
Classic C-Abs Position. Hands next to hips (not behind them!). Slightly curved back.

Why The C-Position Abs?

Because it works your abs so deeply. There is not a single muscle fiber in your abdominal wall that won’t work to make this exercise happen! Once I started doing them regularly I got so excited that I updated the Exercise Bliss workout plan to include them. Hello tight abs!

What Exercise Variations Can I do?

Glad you asked. Here are a few of the best abs exercises you can perform using the C-position.

1. Straight Legs to Bent (one leg at a time).

C position abs (best abs exercises)
Starting Position: Straight Legs.


Top abs exercises
Ending Position: Bend your knee as you slide one leg towards you. Repeat for other leg.

2. Straight Legs to Bent (both legs together).

Top exercises for abs on the floor
Ending Position: Bend both legs and slide them towards your body.

3. Pulses.

Best home exercises for abs
Starting Position: Straighten your arms. Legs are bent.
Best home abs exercises
Ending Position: Push yourself to the front, keeping your arms raised.

4. Isometric Contraction with Arms Up.

best isometric abs exercises
Put your hands behind your ears, lower your body, and hold it! Can you notice how much harder it gets when you raise your arms up?

Top Exercises for Abs #2: Standing Leg Lifts. Work those lower abs!

Stand up with your back straight and feet together. Then, lift one knee up until it forms a right angle with your body.

top abs exercises to do at home
Back is straight. Bend your leg and bring it up! Repeat for your other leg.


Why Leg Lifts?

Because it’s perfect for your lower abs! They really need to pull to get your leg up. Plus, it’s such a functional exercise. You’re using those muscles every day. With every step you take your lower abs have to pull your leg to make that step happen. Leg lifts will make walking (even for hours!) a breeze.

What Exercise Variations Can I do?

Here are the top abs exercises you can perform with Leg Lifts, as shown in Exercise Bliss.

1. Straighten Leg.

It’s harder right?

top abs exercises
Bend your knee and lift your leg up. Then straighten your leg. Harder, huh? Bend again, then straighten, bend, straighten. Once done, repeat for other side.

2. Side Leg Lifts.

Work Those Obliques! Yes, I’m talking about your side abs.

Side Leg up
Bring your knee up until it almost touches your elbow. Then repeat for other side.

3. High Knees.

Yes, for Home Cardio! One of the best exercises ever!

high knees
Bring one knee up, then jump and bring the other knee up. Do it fast! Lift your heartbeat. This is high knees in action!

Top Exercises for Abs #3: The Plank. For how long can you hooooold it?

best plank variations
The Plank. Your body is straight. Wrists are under shoulders and feet are together. Hold this position as long as you can.

Ahh, so much can be said about the benefits of the plank. It used to be my favorite abs exercise for 3 or 4 years straight. It recently got replaced by the C-position abs.

But make no mistake. It was not replaced because of lack of potency. It was replaced mainly because the plank can be hard on people who have sensitive wrists. And yes, I’m one of them.

 Its potency lies on being able to hold the plank position for as long as you can. Have you heard of 1-, or 2-minute planks? Those expressions refer to holding the plank for 1 or 2 minutes. It’s hard! I recommend starting with 15 seconds.

Now let’s start with the plank variations! All screenshots below are taken from the Exercise Bliss, lazy exerciser program.

1. Elbow Plank.

If the regular plank is hard, then try the elbow one.

Elbow Plank (plank variations)
With elbows under your shoulders, hold this position for as long as you can.

2. Forward Leg Plank.

If hoooolding the plank is boring, just do a few reps with your legs and you’re done.

best plank variations
Bring opposite knee to opposite elbow. Repeat for other side. Do 8 reps and your first set is done!

3. Side Leg Plank.

This is the best plank variation for your obliques, and your outer thighs!

Side Leg Plank (another best plank variation)
Hold the plank and bring one knee out. Open your hips are much as possible. Bring leg back and repeat for other side. Once you’ve completed 8 reps, then 1 set is over.

4. Mountain Climbers.

If you’re up for some home cardio, then do the High Knees as shown above, and follow up with the Mountain Climbers.

Mountain Climbers
Bring one leg to the front, then jump and switch legs, jump and switch legs again, etc.

So which one of those top exercises for abs was your favorite? Which one will you start doing?

Next up in this series are the tops exercises for legs and for your upper body. Sign up below to get notified when they get released.

Where can I find a workout plan with these exercises?

All of the exercises in this series are included in the 9-week, 5-minute, daily, lazy exerciser program Exercise BlissSign-up here if you want to see yourself become one of those people, who effortlessly exercise every single day!

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