Stiff Back? A Simple Technique For Back Pain Relief In Under 5 Minutes.

Straight Back Flexibility Technique

With 95% of adults being sedentary and most of us slouching while sitting, no wonder 80% of us will complain about back pain at least once in our lives.

Now I know you can’t exactly stop going to work because your back hurts. Nor is it easy to change your sitting habits. And the idea of a standing desk is not exciting to me either.

So what can you do?

Don’t despair – there’s relief in sight with the stiff back technique I’ll teach you today. If you’re anything like this poor fellow who has back pain (or the 117 people who jumped in to respond) because of too many hours spent crouching over a PC, then putting in 5 min to do this technique will be a lifesaver.
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But before we get into the stiff back technique, let’s first cover some basics.

What is the cause of a stiff back?

Spending the whole day sitting and slouching like this makes your back stiff and sore, especially your upper back. Combine that with any type of muscle injury or imbalances, and it further exacerbates the likelihood of back stiffness.

So what do you do? Are you doomed to suffer from back pain and stiffness?

No! The stiff back technique I’m showing you is a self myofascial release technique, which has been proven as an effective way to bring relief for a stiff or sore back. A study conducted by Beardsley et al. showed that self myofascial release reduces muscle soreness and increases flexibility.

Furthermore, it can also improve other systems in the body, including circular health. They recommend this method for the general population and athletes. Better yet, you don’t have to make an appointment with a provider to do this. You can do it in your own home or office.

What do you do when you have back pain?

I learned this stiff back release technique in a posture workshop a month ago. I got to say: It feels great! After a long day at work where my back used to feel tense and borderline in pain, spending less than 5 minutes with this would instantly make me feel relief.

It’s not an exercise. It’s a method to help your back take its proper shape and not be in “slouchy” shape.

Watch the episode to get back pain relief in under 5 minutes.

(If you find that your back is not stiff at all, then congrats!)

Equipment Needed

You need a small massage ball or a tennis ball. Either one of those work. In the video I am using a massage ball.

[Why a massage ball? Because it helped me get rid of my chronic pain, and eventually increase my leg flexibility beyond my wildest imagination! But for the purpose of this technique a tennis ball works just a well, if not better!]

Stiff Back Technique Breakdown

Lie down and put the ball under your upper back. Hold it for 30 sec. Then put the ball under another spot of your upper back. Repeat as needed.

If you experience back pain and stiffness regularly, and you suspect it’s coming from sitting and possibly slouching too much, then it’s highly recommended you do this stiff back technique daily to get the maximum benefits.

At first it’s going to feel uncomfortable having a ball underneath your back, but this is not the time to get discouraged. It feels good when you do it. And it’s not exercise. You just lie down. Try it and then do what works for you.

Level it up!

Combine the stiff back technique with these kyphosis exercises for maximum benefits.

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