Don’t do this 30-min yoga butt blaster workout because you need ‘fixing.’

butt blaster workout

Welcome back to Yoga Fusion! Today we’re doing a butt blaster workout – with a twist.  The difference lies in the mindset behind our workout: Do we exercise because we want to fix our bodies? Or, are we exercising because we want to take care of our bodies?

Yoga butt blaster workout: Do it to take care of your body, not to fix your body.

Let’s be honest here. How many times don’t we look up online the best exercise or workout for a specific body part – not because we want to give this body part some love, but because we hate it and desperately need to change it?

Some of us hate our bellies, others hate their butts, other their knees, others their arms, others their love handles, others all of those together.

Maybe we think our butts are too big, too small, too flabby, too bubbly, not enough bubbly. That’s the first thing that notice when we look in the mirror. And we’re using it to judge ourselves.

Acting out of body hate makes us more likely:

  • to kill ourselves with exercise; to not stop when our body tells us to stop;
  • to obsesses about calories burned when exercising;
  • to insult ourselves for not finishing the set; to criticize our bodies while we exercise;
  • to resort to eating later because now we “deserve” the “reward.”

But enough with hate.

We have much better things that need our cognitive powers; we can no longer afford spending them on self-hate and judgement.

We have a life to live. Goals – like career, family, friends.

These things need our attention. So let’s step away from preoccupying it with vicious thoughts.

  • The solution here is not to go on an “exercise strike,” and never exercise again.
  • The solution is to learn how to exercise out of love, not out of hate.

Exercising out of hate happens every time when you “whip yourself into shape,” when you think about how you’re coming short and judge your fitness abilities, when you look yourself in the mirror and start nit-picking body parts.

We’ll be shifting away from that mindset starting today. Repeat after me: “I don’t need fixing!”

If this resonates then self-judgement is an established habit.

This means that judging your body is your natural response. Don’t expect that by turning your attention away from that by doing this workout for butt today will take years of practicing self-judgement away in a snap.

But it will be a first step into building a better habit: exercising out of love, while weakening our “exercise out of hate” habit.

Will we work out butts? Absolutely. But we won’t do it because we absolutely hate them and need them to have less cellulite or whatever.

We’ll do it because we want to become stronger, enjoy the feeling exercise, and hey, it’s yoga. Combined with weights. The best that exercise has to offer. This is special treatment you’ll be giving your body today with this workout for butt…

So if you’re ready, let’s do it!


  • Beginner (using modifications which are shown in the workout for butt video)
  • Intermediate

Equipment needed:

  • Yoga mat
  • Two dumbbells for our strength-training portion

Did it? Congrats! Remind yourself, “not everyone is doing it, but you are!”

And here are some cool snapshots from today’s butt blaster workout video:

Who wants to do a yoga twist?

yoga butt blaster workout

You can hardly do yoga without the signature downward facing dog.

downward facing dog

Let’s take it up! Here’s a bulgarian split squat with weights! You don’t need to carry weights and you can do a simpler lunge if using a chair is difficult. So if you’re a beginner, please don’t get intimidated!

bulgarian split squat yoga

Deadlifts – this is the single best exercise you can do for your bottom. Develop a bum of steel! (You may want to watch the proper squat form tutorial to make sure you’ll be doing this right.)

deadlift workout for butt

We’re finishing up with simpler floorwork for our glutes, such as the bird dog exercise.

glute floorwork workout for butt

And in case you wanted to pin this workout – just sayin’ – here let me make it easy for you:

yoga workout for butt


How did you like this butt blaster yoga fusion? Did any “judgy” thoughts cross your mind? What did you tell yourself to start moving away from them?

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