Vic Magary & Mark Lauren discuss: Bodyweight exercises or weights?

Bodyweight exercises or weights

Resistance training is mainly about using weights as a way to encourage your muscles to grow. Now, these weights may be in the form of, e.g., dumbbells or exercise bars. This is widely known as weight lifting. In my case, weights may also come in the form of backpacks with books or bottles of water.

Backpack with books as weight lifting
A backpack with books is a great way to lift weights! Who is with me?

But…weights can also be…your own body’s weight. I love bodyweight exercises as you can really do them anywhere and they work multiple muscles in your body.

Today two military guys and fitness experts are discussing which form of resistance training is better: bodyweight exercises or weights?

Listen to fitness experts Vic Magary (in support of weights) & Mark Lauren (in support of bodyweight exercises) in a Fitness Duel between bodyweight exercises and weights.

Which form of resistance training better fits your needs?


In this Health & Fitness Duel podcast, you’ll learn:

  1. Why are bodyweight exercises better than weight lifting ones?
  2. Why is weight lifting better than doing bodyweight exercises?
  3. Which form of resistance training is easier to get started with?
  4. Which form of resistance training is more suitable for busy people?
  5. How to avoid dangers from weight lifting and bodyweight exercising.

About the experts:


Mark Lauren bodyweight
Mark Lauren is fit with body-weight exercises!

Mark Lauren is a military physical training specialist, Special Operations combat controller, triathlete, champion Thai boxer, and author of You Are Your Own Gym. He has effectively prepared nearly a thousand trainees for the extreme demands of the most elite levels of the Special Operations community. When not traveling for his military training work, he lives in Tampa, Florida. Mark has also recently released a bestselling bodyweight fitness app for the iPhone/iPad and Android.





Vic Magary gets fit with weights!

Vic Magary is a U.S. Army Infantry veteran and has been helping people lose weight and get fit online since 2008.  You can learn more about how you take your fitness to the next level at VicMagary.com and be sure to follow @vicmagary on Twitter.

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