How A Daily Workout Helped Eva Do Her First Pushup at 65.

do first push-up


Eva R., retired, GR

Eva: “I look 10 years younger!”

Yes, this is my mom. And yes, with my Exercise Bliss program I helped her do her first pushup at age 65. Let me tell you, she now deeply enjoys it going to yoga class and being able to do stuff that people 10-15 younger than her cannot do.

At a glance

do first push-up at 65

The Problem: Believing you’re too old to get fit.

“I definitely thought pushups were out of my league.”

The Solution: Modifying exercise to your fitness level and then making it a habit.

“I started out with the easiest variation, wall push-ups. But I then learned to do them every day. Then I added more exercise. The rest is history.”

Her Result: She did her first push-up at 65 and keeps on strong!

“I could not believe it when I did my first push-up. It’s still surprising to me when I go to yoga class and I can do more than other people who are 10 or 15 years younger than me.”+

+Results vary depending on starting point, goals, and effort.

In her own words

Because of her age, Eva thought that she would never be able to do some stuff in fitness, like push-ups. She was wrong.

Eva, How Did You Feel Before Exercise Bliss?

Guilty for not exercising “enough.”

Why Did You Feel This Way?

I knew that exercise was good for my health, and I felt very good every time I did it, but I never quite managed to make it a regular part of my routine.

What Exactly Are Your Health Habits Now?

After I graduated from Exercise Bliss, I enrolled at yoga. I’m doing 10 push-ups 5 days a week, 2 times a week I attend a yoga class, and 1 more time a week I go to dancing classes.

I also try to walk almost every day.

How Did Exercise Bliss Help You Change Your Health and Fitness?

Exercise Bliss taught me exactly how to make exercise a daily routine. It also showed how NOT to view this as a chore, but as a pleasure instead. That was eye-opening!

Also, I loved the mini-habit we got started with. I still do it. When I did my first push-up, I was doing the easiest one on the wall. Now, at 65, for the first time in my life I can do full push-ups on the floor. I can’t believe it!

What Big Wins Did You Get After You Graduated From Exercise Bliss?

I’m stronger and have a lot more energy. In the past I used to get tired after a few hours with my grandchildren. Now I can easily keep up with them (ages 4 & 2).

I also look 10 years younger. No-one at my yoga studio can guess I’m 65. They all think I’m in my 50s. It’s a great self-confidence boost for any woman of my age to know that you look younger.

It all started with daily wall push-ups.

This is the wall push-upexercise I taught my mom to do. This is actually one of core Exercise Bliss exercises. She would do it first against a closed door and later on she would make it harder by having her palms on the edge of a table. A few months later she was already on the floor.

Here’s a quick demo:
wall push up start

To begin your wall push up, stand across from a wall, and extend your arms in front of you so that your fingertips are almost touching the wall. Lean towards the wall, keeping your back straight. Do NOT bend from your hips – keep your body straight like a plank as you bend your elbows.

wall push up isometric

Now, lower until your nose is almost touching the wall, and then push back. Repeat for a total of 8-12 repetitions.

Case study update – 5 years later

mom and I 2016
My mom did her first push-up at age 65. It’s been 5 years since then and she’s still exercising regularly. When she came to visit me to be here for the birth of my daughter I got her a Pilates class package in a nearby studio (it was her first time doing Pilates but she loved it.) Also: she was the oldest in her class, however she did great and was getting compliments from the teachers.

Keeping full mobility and your strength up as you age will do wonders in making your golden years amazing and providing maximum grandchildren enjoyment 🙂

Do you let age tell you what you can or cannot do?

Just because you’ve spent decades of your life living a certain way does not mean that you cannot change! Just like Cathy who stopped hating exercise in her late 50s, Eva actually did her first full pushup in her mid-60s. Isn’t that great?

Don’t use age as an excuse to stop you from what you can actually do.

Have you let things like age get in your way? Leave a comment below.

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