Health & Fitness Duels: Yoga or Pilates?

Yoga or Pilates
Yoga? Or pilates?

Pilates? Like Yoga, right?

Or, maybe not?

Pilates and Yoga are said to be cousins, yet they are different at the same time.

Which one is better anyway?

Listen to pilates & yoga experts Suzanne Ludlum &  Ginger Garner in a Fitness Duel between pilates and yoga.

Which one is a better fit for you?

In this Health & Fitness Duel podcast, you’ll learn:

  1. Why you should do yoga or pilates vs. other forms of exercise.
  2. How many times a week should someone do yoga or pilates.
  3. How yoga is different from pilates (e.g., muscles worked, equipment used, mind-body connection, time required, cost…etc).
  4. What you should expect after your first month of pilates or yoga training as a beginner.
  5. How to recognize when yoga and pilates are taught the WRONG way.
  6. Who should NOT do yoga and pilates.
  7. Which one is better: yoga or pilates?
  8. How a yoga or pilates fan can maximize results.


About the experts:

Suzanne Ludlum

Suzanne Ludlum, RYT 500, E-RYT 200; Thai Yoga Massage Practitioner.  I believe that Yoga is for every body, no matter what your age or physical condition.  Practiced mindfully and safely, Yoga can transform your life.  I can be found on Facebook, LinkedIn, and on my website, www.trinityyogaandhealing.com or my blog, www.theimperfectpilgrim.com.





Ginger Garner

Ginger Garner MPT, ATC, ERYT500, CPI — is an educator in using yoga and Pilates as medicine, and is a orthopaedic and women’s health physical therapist. As a published author, Ginger pens the popular mothers health Breathing In This Life  and for Modern Mom, Fit and Fearless Birth. Ginger is an activist for improving health care in the US. She developed the first medical yoga post-graduate program, Professional Yoga Therapy, in 2001, and started one of the first holistic physical therapy clinics in the US. Ginger has written more than 30 educational programs in using yoga and Pilates for healing and a 4-volume text on the PYT method. You can reach Ginger at www.gingergarner.com and  www.professionalyogaatherapy.org. Follow Ginger on Facebook and Twitter, and Professional Yoga Therapy on Facebook.

Photo caption: Back-bend: gbSk

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