Mental Diet: 3 (Sabotaging) Weight Loss Mindset Scripts To Rewrite.

weight loss mindset

What A Mental Diet Is, How It’s Related to Weight Loss Mindset, and Why It Determines The Results You Get

Take two people, Tom and Jerry (any similarities to a popular cartoon are accidental). They are two identical men. They both want to lose weight, and get on the same weight loss plan.

They both start a daily 30-min walking practice in addition to their eating diet.

What they do differently though is the way they think. They think differently about everything they do to lose weight, including their walking practice.

When Tom goes out for a walk, he’s doing it because “he has to”. Sometimes he’s even wondering why he gets into this trouble. After all 30 min of walking is not going to be more than 150 calories. So why bother for the equivalent of one and a half banana?

When Jerry goes out for a walk, he’s excited he’ll be putting a checkmark on his daily walking practice. Sure 150 calories is not gonna make or break his weight loss success, but it will help. Plus, once he’d read that people who exercise when being on a diet tend to keep the weight off more than those who only diet. So yes, it’s a hassle to go out and walk sometimes, yes it’s not gonna give tremendous instant benefits, but it is “one more brick” on the “thinner Jerry” wall.

Now here are my questions to you:

  • Who is happier while losing weight, Tom or Jerry?
  • Who has higher chances of actually following through with the weight loss plan and getting results, Tom or Jerry?
  • Who is more likely to do more (e.g., walk more) with time, Jerry or Tom?
  • Who has higher chances of keeping the weight off after the diet is over, Tom or Jerry?
  • Whose way of thinking helps them become unstoppable and get anything they want, Tom’s or Jerry’s?

The way you think can simply change everything. In Tom’s case even if he has his hands on the best diet and exercise in the plan in the whole world, he’s still at risk of spoiling it all because of the way he thinks.

Part of my mental diet: Don't take yourself too seriously.
That’s my face when I feel unstoppable. Just kidding!

Jerry on the other hand is the type of person who will get results, even if his plan is not optimal. Why? Because he has a winner mindset. He accepts limitations without feeling discouraged by them. He’s realistic and optimistic at the same time. He doesn’t look for a magic bullet that will immediately change everything, he’s doing what he can, even if it’s only another brick. He doesn’t change how small or big the action is – as long as it builds his wall, he’s happy to take one more step ahead.

Now it might be easy to see that Jerry is more likely to succeed to than Tom when it’s all written down. It’s just easy to spot the self-fulfilling prophecy: How the way Jerry thinks can get Jerry much bigger results than Tom, even though the physical plan they follow is the same.

But what about us? What if we happen to be more like Tom than Jerry? How can we switch the way we think to become more like Jerry?

Ever since I got started with my first mindfulness experiment, I realized that what we think is a major source of both happiness and accomplishment. I started spotting a big correlation between my Tom-like and Jerry-like thoughts and my success.

  • Jerry-like thoughts would make me feel that I couldn’t really change the future, so why bother anyway?
  • Tom-like thoughts would make me feel that I could change the future, even though this change wouldn’t be immediate. But I had power in my hands and I’d better use it!

That’s not just about health. It’s about everything: Getting to the next level career-wise, writing a book, getting better relationships, etc.

The stakes were high so I realized I had to take action and be more like Jerry than Tom! After lots of trial and error, I found techniques that worked consistently. That’s how this Mental Diet was born.

Watch the video below where I explain the 3 most common negative scripts that sabotage our success, and give you word-for-word scripts to change them into positive ones and completely transform your results.

Lose weight without hating your body: 3 (weight loss mindset) scripts.

Weight loss mindset script to change #1. “I hate where I’m at right now.”

Scripts that emphasize how bad our current situation is are SO common. They make us feel powerless and overwhelmed. They bring stagnation because any attempt to change the situation seems futile.

Below is one of the “antidote scripts” given out in the video.

The present is the results of the past. Mental Diet Script: What I do today will shape what I get tomorrow.
The present is the results of the past. What I do today will shape what I get tomorrow, and the day after tomorrow, and the day after the day after tomorrow, etc.

Weight loss mindset script to change #2. “How do I know things will be different this time?”

Ugh, self-doubt. Another way that makes us second-guess ourselves. Why get into the trouble to make our dreams come true, when there’s not guarantee?

It seems reasonable, but this is another treacherous thought. Let’s put it to its place.

weight loss mindset
What happened before is irrelevant. The future is in my hands and I have the power to change it.

Weight loss mindset script to change #3. “But I got to face reality!”

You feel like you have to see things “as they are”. You might think you’re too broke, or too ugly, or too something. And that’s how things are, you cannot deny that!

Yet at the same time thinking about the money missing from your bank account, or the lover who is not by your side hurts you. This makes you feel powerless. It seems that reality is too strong and too permanent to change.

But is it really? Or, is this another treacherous way of thinking?

Mental Diet Script: Yes, things are not perfect but reality is only temporary. Life is shifting all the time and I have the power to direct it towards my dreams!
Yes, things are not perfect but reality is only temporary. Life is shifting all the time and I have the power to direct it towards my dreams!

These are not affirmations. These are scripts that with practice will give new thinking habits.

You see, practicing them once won’t make much of a difference other than making you feel better or even letting you work more for a little while (rather than wallowing in your helplessness).

Their true power though shows when you make them part of YOU. When you don’t just think like Jerry once in a while, but you almost become Jerry.

That’s when the Mental Diet stops being “a diet” and it becomes Thinking Habits. To better understand how thinking habits affect you in the most unexpected situations, then check out how the simple act of Tom-like thinking like worrying about how you did on an interview or whether your date will call you back, affects your future success.

Now let’s use this opportunity and see you practice those weight loss mindset reframes. Write down your original thought and then use one of the scripts to turn it around.

(Remember, consuming content online is one thing; actually putting it in practice is an extremely different thing.)

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