Meet Jackie: How Cross-Training Helped This Yoga Teacher Fight A Slowing Metabolism.

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Jackie C., Chair Yoga Instructor, USA

Jackie: “Your program really fit the bill in every way!”

Despite being a yoga teacher, Jackie was trying to exercise more outside of class yet she wouldn’t stick to an exercise program. Combine that with a slowing metabolism where she could no longer eat the way she used to, and the pounds were creeping in.

Enter my online HIIT program Flat Belly Firm Butt in 16 Minutes: Pounds lost, even more inches lost, a workout she likes, and an exercise routine she can stick to!

At a glance


The Problem: Jackie’s metabolism was slowing down.

Jackie’s metabolism was slowing down, while she was finding it hard to stick to exercise.

“I used to be able to eat to my heart’s content and not gain an ounce, but in recent years that has changed.”

The Solution: The right workout that was fun and safe and effective.

“So many benefits are gained in 16 minutes 3x a week in the comfort and privacy of your own home! In such a short amount of time, you’ll accomplish something that is good for your body. You’ll feel accomplished after only 16 minutes, it just gives you a boost through your whole day.”

Her RESULTS: She lost 5 pounds and even more inches!

“The change in my muscle tone and the inches lost – that meant more to me! It was how I looked!”+

+Results vary depending on starting point, goals, and effort.

The backdrop

The issues: A slowing metabolism and putting her fitness last was not helping Jackie.

You’d think exercise instructors don’t fall off the exercise wagon but that’s just a misconception. Over the years, Jackie was finding it hard to stay committed to exercise. Combine that with her slowing metabolism and the pounds were creeping in.

And it’s not that she didn’t try to change the situation. The problem was she would purchase exercise programs, and then never use them.

1. Jackie could just no longer eat like she used to. Her metabolism was slowing down. What can cause your metabolism to slow down?

Jackie right away complained about her slowing metabolism: how she used to be able to eat her heart’s content yet have a very thin figure – but that unfortunately changed in the past few years.

“I used to be able to eat to my heart’s content and not gain an ounce, but in recent years that has changed.”

Most people assume that metabolism slows down due to age, however what they’re missing is that yes metabolism does slow down over the years but a big part of that is muscle loss.

In other words, if you’re not strength-training, then you’ll be most likely losing muscle as time goes by. Greater muscle means you get to eat more without actually putting on fat – just to nourish your muscles!

So when this muscle is lost your “maintenance calories,” so the daily calories your need just to maintain your weight go down.

And that’s a big part behind why we see this drop in metabolism with time – it’s out body losing muscle from not strength-training.

And you guessed it right: Flat Belly Firm Butt is a strength-training program! It’s why Jackie said that she lose weight through the program but the difference in inches and how her clothes fit was even greater.

When your weight does not go down much but your body shrinks and you look more toned and get compliments and all that good stuff that happened to Jackie – that’s a surefire sign you’ve been gaining muscle! Leave the slowing metabolism issues to the people who don’t strength-train..

Next let’s move on to the how. Jackie was already a yoga teacher, yet her practice was suffering. So what got her back into action? Cross-training with Flat Belly Firm Butt.

2. Despite being a yoga teacher, Jackie put her fitness on the back burner, bought programs she never used, and strongly doubted she could follow through.

This chair yoga instructor and book author was so focused on her work and family obligations, that she stopped taking the time to do her own exercise. She wanted to start a routine again and make time for herself to exercise.

“Even though I teach chair yoga and enjoy the benefits of that very much, sometimes my own yoga practice gets put on the back burner. I knew I wanted to get back to some more exercising!”

She’d paid for other programs, but hadn’t followed through.

Jackie knew she needed to make a change to exercise more. She actually invested her hard-earned money in other programs before – and never even opened them! When she found FB16, she wondered that pattern would be the same for her.

“I admit I have signed up and paid for programs, and that was it! I was just a little worried that I might not follow through.”

Once she took her first FB16 class, she was hooked on the program and had no hesitations!

“I was really hoping to find a program that would address those concerns, and program that would be fun to do, and that I would be motivated to do. Your program really fit the bill in every way!”

Her results

The results: FB16 helped Jackie lose weight, inches, get compliments, and worry less about her metabolism!

Apart from the fitness level increase, Jackie was thrilled to get back to “being thin!” Not as thin as she used to be, but toned! Her son noticed too!

1. Jackie lost weight AND inches, effectively fighting off the slowing of her metabolism.

Jackie lost a total of 5 pounds and several inches while on the program. She loved that her clothes fit her differently. While she said she isn’t back to her previous weight, that doesn’t bother her at all.

“Not that I wanted to go back to that weight, I was too thin! I like a little more filled-out, healthy look. The change in my muscle tone and the inches lost – that meant more to me! It was how I looked!”

As I said before, losing weight but even better losing inches? A surefire sign that you’re building muscle mass, which will translate into a faster metabolism.

2. She looked great on her son’s graduation – and her son noticed!

Jackie coincidentally timed the completion of her FB16 program perfectly for her trip to Miami for her son’s college graduation. She acknowledged that her kids can be very blunt and honest with her, which is why her son’s response meant so much to her:

“He said, ‘Wow, mom! You look thinner, you look more fit!’ That was really nice, it made me feel good that he even noticed! He noticed right away my arms looked more fit. I used to be really really thin, and that had changed. He said, ‘You’re looking thin again, and more toned.’ It was nice to hear.”

3. Cross-training helped Jackie do more yoga and even become a better yoga teacher.

At first Jackie was afraid she wouldn’t follow through. But not only did she follow through with FB16, she also went back to doing more yoga!

“I was dedicating the 16 minutes to FB16, and it started to shift my mindset. If there was a day I wasn’t doing FB16, I felt more motivated to take those same 16 minutes to do a little more of my own yoga practice. It enhanced me all around.”

Now about becoming a better yoga teacher – Ok this is probably something only yoga teachers care about, but I loved Jackie’s perspective of FB16 – a HIIT workout that’s very different in style than the yoga workouts Jackie was used to.

Jackie explained to me how she improved her own yoga teaching because she attended FB16.

“As a teacher, the more things I learn about fitness, how the body works, the more it actually improves my teaching ability and my personal yoga practice. I was interested to hear another perspective.

I feel that since it’s all about the body and feeling good, it fit well with it and was just broadening my horizons. Not so much turning away from one, but learning new things. The program gave me insights that informed my teaching.”

How she succeeded

Why Flat Belly Firm Butt was a game-changer for Jackie – despite her slowing metabolism.

Jackie started out with two concerns: Her slowing metabolism and the doubt that she would commit to an exercise program.

Would FB16 target those two areas? Her hunch was yes, and she was right!

1. You only need 16 minutes, 3 times per week!

You set yourself up for success when you choose a program that is excuse-proof. FB16 is an excuse-proof way to cross-train, regardless of how much time you have to exercise.

Jackie loves that she feels so accomplished after just 16 minutes of exercise, which is one of the many reasons she recommends FB16 to others. Better yet, you only need to do it 3 times per week! As a result, this is one of they key reasons she prioritized her own fitness, even during a very busy time in her life.

“The fact that each workout was only 16 minutes (that was fun and flew by) helped me have a no-excuses experience. The progress is evident very quickly, which is very motivating. In such a short amount of time you’ll accomplish something that is good for your body, you’ll feel accomplished after only 16 minutes.

It just gives you a boost through your whole day. You’ll experience all the benefits that come from exercise. We’re all so busy in our society, but it’s really important that we nurture ourselves and take care of our bodies.”

This is actually the most common benefit of FB16. Like almost every graduate has mentioned that including Helen, Jessica who called it excuseproof, and Krista who now calls her coworkers who run for an hour “crazy.”

2. Form and safety are a priority with FB16.

Unlike other exercise programs that just briefly explain exercises on the go, FB16 includes separate 6-10 minute breakdown videos that show you exactly what you’ll be doing in each workout – so that you have absolutely no doubt you’re doing the exercises right.

This is where I explain form and modifications as well to make sure you do the exercise that fits your particular fitness level.

Jackie LOVED that part of FB16. It’s one thing to kind of think you’re doing the exercises right and totally another to feel confident you’re doing them right.

“I really liked the whole program, but I especially liked the instructional videos. That enabled me to take the time and understand the proper form which is so important, so that you get the most effect without injuring yourself.

I loved that I could focus on that, so when I did the actual workout I knew what I was doing. I was able to follow along and keep up confidently. If I had any question, I could refer back to that. I found that a unique and really important part of the program that I especially liked.”

(Jackie was not alone in praising form instruction. Jessica also loved he focus on proper form.)

3. Regardless of your starting point – FB16 meets you at your level.

Jackie explains that some people may not be able to do the whole program right away. Since we reassure you that it’s okay to take breaks during FB16 workouts, Jackie says it helps you feel good about the effort – without frustration.

“FB16 respects the fact that we all might be at a different place. That’s a good thing because we have different things to work towards, and don’t have to feel discouraged. I think you present it in a safe way. As yoga teacher, I feel very comfortable recommending it.”

4. FB16 doesn’t need much time, space, or equipment!

Jackie used to have abundant space for exercise but then she moved to a cozier home. Her ballet barre that ended up on her curb.

“My exercise patterns also changed after I moved a few years ago. My former home had an area in my bedroom perfect for working out, with a big TV to play my videos, and a ballet barre. Though my new home is cozy, I never quite found the ideal spot to work out and my ballet barre wound up in the storage shed (and eventually, on the curb!).”

Sad ending for the ballet barre. But this was just one of the fitness things Jackie wanted to do but didn’t do.

Because FB16 can be done anywhere, with minimal equipment and space, these barriers were no longer getting in her way!

“I can exercise practically anywhere, because I have the workouts to easily access on my laptop. The key difference with FB16 was the videos! I didn’t have to open up a file and figure it all out. So many benefits are gained in 16 minutes 3x a week in the comfort and privacy of your own home!”

5. Cross-training is DA BOMB to get you out of a rut or enhance your fitness level.

When people fall in a rut they usually try to go back to what they were doing before, back when they used to exercise.

  • So if gym is what had worked for them in the past, then getting back to the gym will be their first attempt.
  • If it was running, then starting running again will be their first pursuit.
  • If it was fitness DVDs, then this is what they’ll try to restart.

While this approach works in some cases, in many other cases it doesn’t.

  • Because when you went to the gym in your 20s you didn’t have kids and the gym was across your work, not 15 min away by car.
  • Because you no longer like or enjoy running the way you used to.
  • Because like Jackie, when you were doing these fitness DVDs you actually had a bigger home with actual space for you to do your thing.

And that’s where trying something different may come really handy. Especially when this “different” thing you decide to try only takes 16 minutes 3 times a week, you can do it anywhere, tells you how to do the exercises right so you feel no uncertainty, is generally a fun workout with great variety, etc, etc.

So should you give it a shot? Here’s Jackie’s 2 cents:

So what workout have you tried that didn’t work for you? Why? Are you ready to give FB16 a chance? Leave a comment below.

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